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Celikkaya Clinic

Celikkaya Clinic is Plastic Surgery and Dental Clinic under one roof, located in Famagusta, Cyprus.
Dr. Kemal Celikkaya is a German Board Certified and UK GMC Registered Plastic Surgeon specializing in Aesthetic Surgery.
Dt. Tolga Celikkaya is a Dentist specializing in Aesthetic Dentistry.
In their state of the art office in Famagusta, Cyprus the doctors and their staff strive to create a professional and positive experience in the treatment, care and satisfaction of each and every patient.


Celikkaya Clinic Team consists of doctors which includes plastic surgeon, aesthetic dentist, maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist, pedodontist, periodontist, two general dentists, dental technician, four dental assistants, nurse, secretary, clinic manager and social media manager.
Our 300m2 clinic is located right in the heart of the city and has 4 dental rooms, 2 surgery rooms and 2 cosmetic rooms.

Dr. Kemal Celikkaya & Dr. Tolga Celikkaya

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