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Why should you choose Celikkaya Clinic for hair transplantation?

We offer fifteen  years of experience and modern methods to you in Cyprus with our expert team and plastic surgeon. In Celikkaya Clinic, the whole process is planned by our plastic surgeon.


Hair transplantation operations are performed in our clinic within the framework of sterilization rules. The channels are opened with the FUE technique, where a natural and dense appearance is obtained, and it contributes to rapid healing. You can choose shaved or unshaven hair transplantation. In the process after hair transplantation, our patients are followed up by our doctor for one year.

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Doctor Wearing Surgical Gloves

 Dr. Celikkaya

Dr. Celikkaya  was born in Cyprus. During his medical education at Hacettepe University, he took his first step into plastic surgery with Prof Serge de Fontaine at the ULB Faculty of Medicine in Brussels. He completed his plastic and aesthetic surgery residency training between 2011 - 2017 at Prof. Hebebrand's clinic, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Germany, . The title of plastic and aesthetic surgeon, which he received in Germany, was approved by United Kingdom, and he had the authority to practice his profession both in Germany and England. In 2018 , he was granted German citizenship by the Federal Republic of Germany. Dr. Çelikkaya still continues to work as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon both in Germany and Cyprus.

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